Verdens mest sexy 2007

Her er jentene som tenner FHM-leserne mest.

1. Skuespilleren Jessica Alba. Foto: AP/Scanpix
Keeley Hazellis crowned's No 1 babe of the year at the Exchange on Gerrard St.London, England - 07.03.07Credit: Vince Maher/WENN Foto: WENN
3. "Frustrerte fruer"-baben Eva Longoria. Foto: AP/Scanpix
4. Supermodellen Adriana Lima. Foto: AP/Scanpix
5. Skuespilleren Scarlett Johansson. Foto: AP/Scanpix
6. Skuespilleren og artisten Hayden Panettiere. Foto: AP/Scanpix
7. Girls Aloud-baben Cheryl Tweedy. Foto: AP/Scanpix
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie speed around Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in January 2007 when they visited the city to arrange the adoption of a Vietnamese boy. Jolie is in the city this week to finalise the adoption and arrange a passport for the boy, named Foto: All Over Press
Emily ScottThe Love Island star and swimwear model helps launch Lipton Ice Tea's outdoor office, which features bookable meeting rooms, Wi-Fi hotdesks and a refreshment bar in Hoxton.London, England - 09.08.06Credit: James Shaw / WENN Foto: WENN
10. Skuespilleren Elisha Cuthbert. Foto: AP/Scanpix