Undertøy på avveie

Mer eller mindre ufrivillig blotting av undertøyet er siste "trend" i Hollywood. Se bildene av motefadesene her!

Code: X17XX8 - Ruano, Beverly Hills, USA, 13.06.2005: Kimberly Stewart has a problem with her pants as she goes to visit a nail salon in Beverly Hills. Rod Stewart's daughter is showing her underwear to the bystanders as her pants keep sliding down. All Foto: All Over Press
Code: X17XX8 - Cooper, Malibu, USA, 22.02.2005: Pamela Anderson watches a baseball game in Malibu and shows her pink underwear, All Over Press / X17 Agency / Cooper EXCLUSIVE / ALL OVER PRESS Foto: All Over Press
Paris Hilton had a hair-raising experience in her Hummer H2! The eldest Hilton heir met her younger half and a pal at a Beverly Hills cafe for lunch. After eating, she stopped by the post office to pick up some packages when a gust of wind picked up her Foto: All Over Press
EXCLUSIVE Matthew McConaughey back with Sandra Bullock After her recent breakup with Ryan Gosling, Sandra runs back to her old flame Matthew McConaughey. Matthew picks up his Sunday newspaper with his shaggy hair and in his underwear after partying an Foto: All Over Press
Looks like Cameron Diaz is having a rough day on the set of "In Her Shoes" in Florida. Enduring the hot, humid weather under a bright pink parasol, the actress shoots a scene in which she's carrying a garbage bag. At one point she bends over, exposing h Foto: All Over Press
Code: X17XX8 - Blanco-Bustillos, Los Angeles, USA, 11.08.2005: Justin Timberlake practicing his swing at at range in Los Angeles. Justin shows his 2xist underwear, his favorite brand. Justin is currently recording an album in LA. All Over Press / X17 Age Foto: All Over Press
Columbian sex symbol Sofia Vergara stocked up on hair supplies at a Brentwood beauty supply store before heading to Whole Foods for some groceries. The "Chasing Papi" star sported a sexy look with her pink undies peeking up over the waist of her pants. Foto: All Over Press
Britney Spears is escorted to the airport by her manager. The pop princess is wearing a furry cap and jacket on a warm Los Angeles day. Spears was also wearing some large white underwear, as was evident when she bent down to get someting she dropped. D Foto: All Over Press
Christina Aguilera and her new boyfriend Jordan Bratman take her dogs for a walk at the Malibu Country Mart. Aguilera has been linked to Bratman, who works at her record label, for almost a month. Meanwhile, Aguilera shows off her new curves in hip-hugg Foto: All Over Press
David Arquette, a.k.a. Mr. Courteney Cox, had a breakdown over the weekend. The eccentric actor's vintage car had some mechanical trouble so Mr. Fixit went to work in the driveway of the couple's Malibu home, almost getting stuck under the stearing wheel Foto: All Over Press
Lindsay Lohan drinks a Red Bull at 4 in the morning as she laves a club and shows some skin. September 24, 2005 X17agency exclusive / ALL OVER PRESS Foto: All Over Press
Britney's husband Kevin Federline always friendly with photographers as he shops for shoes (as usual) in Malibu. August 3, 2005 X17agency EXCLUSIVE / ALL OVER PRESS Foto: All Over Press
Paris Hilton has a hard time to get out of her Mercedes without showing some skin...May 11, 2006 X17agency exclusive / ALL OVER PRESS Foto: All Over Press