Stjernenes luksusbiler

På kjøretøyet skal storfolk kjennes. Her ser du hva Hollywood-kjendisene ruller rundt på veiene i.

Pierce Brosnan after body surfing in Malibu with his son Dylan. Before Pierce Brosnan went to take a brunch in Malibu with sons Dylan and Beckett. Beckett getting out of his dad's Aston Martin by the window. September 21 2003 Exclusive X17agency / ALL O Foto: All Over Press
Code: X17XX8- Fred, SANTA MONICA, USA, 03.07.2004: SINGER Janet Jackson and boyfriend (fiance?) Jermaine Dupree went for lunch at the Santa Monica diner Swingers for some burgers and milkshakes. The pair looked completely in love as they left the trendy Foto: All Over Press
Madonna left the Beverly Hills Kabbalah Centre in her new Maybach. The new luxury vehicle is $350,000 (USD) and his fresh off the showroom floor. Just weeks before, the Material Girl left her Saturday worship in the decidedly less pricey Mini Cooper. A Foto: All Over Press
Bruce Willis driving his 64 Pontiac GTO convertible on Pacific Coast Highway. November 8 2003 Exclusive X17 agency / ALL OVER PRESS Foto: All Over Press
Olivier Martinez wines and dines a mystery woman at a Beverly Hills cafe. Early in the day, the playboy took a spin in his vintage Ferrari. Seems like girlfriend Kylie Minogue is out of the picture for the moment! November 7, 2004. Exclusive X17agency Foto: All Over Press
MUSKELBIL: Arnold Schwarzenegger i sin Hummer H2. Originalen ble bragt av det amerikanske forsvaret. Foto: All Over Press
Paris Hilton had a hair-raising experience in her Hummer H2! The eldest Hilton heir met her younger half and a pal at a Beverly Hills cafe for lunch. After eating, she stopped by the post office to pick up some packages when a gust of wind picked up her Foto: All Over Press
Paris Hilton shows a hickey on her neck as she stops at In and Out Burger restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. The star has a double-double, fries and a Coke. Boyfriend Stavros Niarchos was not there. December 6, 2005 X17agency exclusive / ALL OVE Foto: All Over Press
Ben Affleck the day his breakup with girlfriend Jennifer Lopez is announced going out from Jennifer Lopez's house in his Rolls Royce. He will eat at Baja Fresh restaurant in the San Fernando Valley. September 14 2003 Exclusive X17agency / ALL OVER PRES Foto: All Over Press
Matthew Perry in his brand new BMW convertible in Los Angeles oct 9 2001/X17 exclusive!!! His show -Friends is number one. /ALL OVER PRESS Foto: All Over Press