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Paris Hilton adds a little sunshine to her post-prison needs. Paris spent several hours getting some much needed sun on her Hawaii vacation. She also took refreshing dip in the pacific before getting back to her reading and mirror check.

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Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz take a long swim on Kauai the day after celebrating Drew's birthday with friends at her Hawaiian home.

Pictured: Cameron Diaz

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Kirsten Dunst went to the beach at a luxury Maui resort on Sunday several times, laughing with friends and dipping a toe into the Pacific. She had a close encounter with a friend. She wore a black and red bikini with a maroon top and a black top.

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Beverly Hills 2007-07-18 Britney Spears started the day at her dance studio. Then she did business with some suits at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, putting her hair up in the heat, so that you can see her hair extensions. She then drove with a friend to Foto: Stella Pictures
Kate Bosworth was spotted vacationing in Hawaii over the weekend. She is seen here with her boyfriend.

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HAWAII 2007-05-12. Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer for the Pussycat Dolls, in Hawaii with her new boyfriend. She is wearing a sexy bronze bikini and playing in the water with him and kissing. She also does some stretching before running with her ipod. Ph Foto: Stella Pictures
FRANCE 040822 - Beyonce and Jay-Z continue their romantic trip in the South of France. While their boat in Monaco harbor, Beyonce went to the famous Beach club and enjoy a little trip on the Mediterranean Sea. Beyonce hesitates a few minutes before jumpin Foto: Stella Pictures
TIDLIGERE: J-Los veltrente stuss har hjulpet henne til suksess. Dette bildet er fra 2001 Foto: Stella Pictures
Code: SPLAX8 - BCBD 040106 N, St James Parish, Barbados, 04.01.2006: British actor Hugh Grant and his girlfriend Jemima Khan are shown on Sandy Lane Beach while on holiday in Barbados. All Over Press/ Splash News / ALL OVER PRESS Foto: All Over Press
Lindsay Lohan has her 21st birthday party in Malibu July 2, 2007 X17online exclsuive / ALL OVER PRESS Foto: All Over Press
Jessica Alba playing in the waves in Miami Beach with a perfect body X17online exclusive 01012007 / ALL OVER PRESS Foto: All Over Press
Actress Uma Thurman is pictured on the beach with her daughter Maya and son Levon while on holiday in the Caribbean. The man is unidentified.


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